Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

When you pay for a service that takes your time into consideration, the last thing you’d want to happen is for someone to waste it talking about unnecessary information. For example, if you retain the expertise of a personal chef for the evening, it’s unlikely that you’d want the chef to spend the entire time sitting on your couch watching movies. You paid for a chef, not a Netflix companion. In other words, you want to get your time and your money’s worth.

Since the priority is to make sure that each session has a clear focus in mind, the form below is utilized as a fact-finding tool to make the best use of your time. Through this form, you have the opportunity to present information upfront that makes for a more productive discussion.

Think of it as a checklist of items, which you want to complete and submit before our actual session commences. This way, it provides time to review the details and become best prepared for our encounter.

Because you’ve arrived here to make the romantic life of your dreams a reality, Alton Walker Inspires will show you that it’s possible.  However, what I offer are tools to help you. Until you’re willing to put in the work and apply these tools on a consistent basis, they will remain ineffective.

In other words, since information works when we do, even the most helpful information will become useless if we don’t put in the work. Therefore, everything that I offer to assist on your romantic journey cannot help you if you refuse to help yourself.

Furthermore, this isn’t simply an overnight scheme; this is a lifestyle change to practice for the rest of your life. After many years of seeing relationships through an unfruitful lens, the process to change bad habits and the like didn’t occur overnight. Instead, it was a process for me. Therefore, if you’re expecting your entire romantic life to change overnight, Alton Walker Inspires is the wrong platform to assist with this objective.

Once you decide that you’re ready to make positive changes in your romantic life, please visit and review the page of available SERVICES. Upon becoming familiar with the service best suited for your needs, please schedule your session(s) by clicking the button titled “Book Your Appointment Now.” If your selection involves a package of multiple sessions, please select the date and time for the first session.

From thereafter, we will manually input the remaining dates and times based on your specifications until the entire package is successfully completed.  After your initial date is scheduled, please add the applicable services to your cart from the SHOP page and complete the secured checkout payment process.

By the end of our session(s), I want you to understand why you deserve romantic fulfillment, how to make it your reality, and how to limit the arrival of things that you don’t want to experience in your romantic life. 


Remember, romantic fulfillment isn’t only for a select group of individuals; it’s for everyone.
Why shouldn’t you experience it?


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